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Crypto Mining: Why haven’t I been doing this all along?

For years, I’d dismissed the suggestion that I should start mining ‘bitcoins’ (read: altcoins) as something that wasn’t worth the effort. I was under the misconception that it would require significant effort to stay on top of which coins were most profitable altcoins, and expected it would be difficult to exchange niche coins for useful currency. There was also the perceived risk that whatever most profitable altcoins I’d spent weeks mining could collapse in value, leaving me with nothing.

Meanwhile, I’d be knackering my expensive GTX 1080 by constantly running it at 100% load, whilst driving up my electric bill.

It turns out, the crypto-mining game is way ahead of me on this. There is no shortage of mining pools that, combined with the right software, allow you to always mine the most profitable altcoins, and have them auto-exchange to Bitcoin, Litecoin, or a cryptocurrency of your choice.